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With over 70% of Bali’s economy being attributed to the tourism industry. It is little surprise that starting from a young middle school, students are encouraged to work in tourism. Most of the students we work with attend vocational high school (SMK), focussing on jobs such as housekeeping and waitressing, limiting their ability to explore diverse interests. 

On top of this,  70% of vocational high school students don’t seek any kind of education after high school, and unemployment rates for SMK graduates are staggering.


Our programs have taken concrete steps to worked in collaboration with our global community to address these issues and create positive impact for communities in Bali.

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More than 45 local Balinese students have been sponsored through The Suwandi Foundation, removing the high cost of local education for families and teaching children valuable financial management skills.


Thanks to our incredible donors, since 2022 we have directly invested over $100,000 into locally operated programs in Bali. This includes our support for Yayasan Loka Mawa Upadhi and the development of sustainable programs for the community. 


More than 55 international students have found life-changing experiences, partaking in our international service learning trips and internships, giving back to the local community in sustainable ways.