Suwandi Education Empowerment Scholarship 2024

Making Dreams Accessible! This section is entirely optional. If the cost of the trip is a concern for you, and you genuinely need a helping hand, consider applying for our Education Empowerment Scholarship. We believe everyone should have the chance to embark on this adventure, and this scholarship is designed to make that possible. If you're in a position where this support can truly make a difference for you, select 'yes' below, and you'll be guided through the application questions. Your honesty and consideration in applying ensure that we can extend the opportunity to those who genuinely need it. Let's make this journey accessible to all who dream of exploring with us! This section is not required. However, if you do wish to apply to our Education Empowerment Scholarship please select yes below and you will be prompted with the application questions.

(Minimum 500 words)
(Minimum 500 words)
If you are a dependent, this is the total income for both of your parents. If you file taxes independently this is your total income.
Max. file size: 50 MB.
You must provide proof of household income to verify eligibility. Acceptable Proof of Income: Copy of federal tax forms or student FAFSA with EFC. *All tax filings/documentation must be from most recent filing year.